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Our Founder

Welcome to our story at Dream Drive, where my journey intertwines with the creation of an organization dedicated to supporting kids in foster care and families in need. I'm Taylor Kreiling, a Bucks County native, with roots firmly planted in the community where I've spent my entire life. Currently working in healthcare IT, I hold a Bachelor's in Science from East Stroudsburg University. Despite my professional background, my true passion lies in championing the well-being of those in need, particularly children.

My commitment to inclusivity is a driving force behind Dream Drive's uniqueness. As the Founder, I engage personally with each partner group, delving into the individual needs of their children and understanding the dynamics of their organization. We approach every group, family, and child as distinct individuals, recognizing the unique challenges they face. The heart of our mission is to enhance the organizations we collaborate with by tailoring our initiatives, ensuring that our donations align precisely with their specific needs.

Building close relationships with partner organizations allows us to comprehend their unique needs intimately and step in to bridge gaps that they might struggle with. This connection has positioned Dream Drive as one of the first groups contacted during emergency situations, providing swift assistance to children entering foster care, often overnight.

What began as a personal mission in 2012 has evolved from a small community of 25, primarily comprising immediate family, extended family, and friends, into a thriving network of 800 active community members. Join us as we continue to make a positive impact, one personalized initiative at a time. Together, we're not just driving dreams; we're creating brighter futures for those who need it most.

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